Maximize Your Energy Savings with Comfort Controls.

Everyone seems to constantly be looking for new ways to save money. Well, it’s your lucky day, because one of your most expensive monthly bills might be about to go down. With all the technology around, we now have a wide range of heating and cooling products that can help us regain control over the comfort in our homes. From zoning systems to Wi-Fi enabled systems and digital thermostats, the choices are growing all the time, and with them come the chance to increase your comfort while helping lower your energy bills.

Using the perks of these systems help tackle one of the biggest pieces of your energy costs, heating and cooling.

Faust Air Conditioning and Heating has a vast range of programmable thermostats to explore. If you have any questions about the programmable thermostat upgrades we offer, give Faust Air Conditioning and Heating in Wharton a call at 979-532-2511 or set up an appointment through our online scheduler and we’ll work with you to find out what best meets your home comfort needs and your budget.